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Knock! Knock! Do you have an excessive and uncontrollable desire for S*X?

I know you’re wiping your face and gaining motion.

If you have really understood what I mean to say then today this hot smoking topic has been discussed for you only because the moment you looked up the caption S*X; a spark of sensation hits you and makes you forget everything and takes you into the world of fantasies. Am I Right?

So, aroused with the enormous excitement to do something spicy?  What’s your plan now? Looking around to have this Silly Xercise done early. Look! There are drops of perspiration on your forehead and your oxytocin has started rushing. You are losing control and becoming restless. Some of you must have already taken the usual places to squeeze hardly and wipe it out.

Wait! Do not run in haste. Your excitement is yet to go at hike once you scroll this article.

You all must be wondering why I’m calling S*X a Silly Energetic Xercise. Any guesses?  Because unlike morning xercise it is generally performed at ‘Night’ and it can be performed beautifully within 30 Sq Ft, and on top of it one doesn’t require any shoe or specific apparel while performing it. People are starving to perform this Silly Exercise as they feel themselves under the state of ultimate relaxation while doing this xercise. Does this happen with you too?

Today humans are becoming quite pally with the term S*X and badly hunting for it than anything else thus making it the wholesome objective to sustain their life. And very often you might become humorous at the craziness of the people when they say-

-“Wait! Let me fulfill my silly energetic xercise before going for a tour otherwise I won’t be able to concentrate on work and can have an overflow too”. Are they insane or what?

Such an extreme desire but so uncomfortable to discuss openly about it in depth. If it is really a soul desire then why do you become numb to discuss comfortably about it?

Look, I don’t say that performing this xercise is a crime. But tell me- why do you find yourself under such euphoric situation to perform this silly exercise so wildly. Is it very beneficial to perform silly xercise by putting your other priorities aside or to rely on it for complete satisfaction? If you say a big Yes! Then it is an illusion created by your nymphomaniac mind.

So, apart from fun-loving, do you really know what the true meaning of S*X is?

S*x is not an offensive act but a natural desire which cannot be pretended. In fact, ‘A true S*x is a divine sensation’. It is a “Soul Eternal Xercise” where the two souls unite in the eternal peace. However, it has been misunderstood and deliberately made the silliest one by the group of silly people (whom we call THARKIS). They show a high degree of inclination to quench their thirst of this silly xercise. On contrary, if they will be asked to embrace an opportunity to do great things in life, they would take some time to think but to fulfill this silliest task even the skinner one will fill with emotion to showcase his motion within no time. But unfortunately, at the adolescent age young child whose mind is shaping-up becomes the victim of this high sensation which we call (S*X).

And the reason why S*x carries this sensation; it is simply because in this universe every single particle gets attracted to the other one because of the existence of strong magnetic field between them which generates the sensation. And S*x is the only single thing in this universe that carries the highest sensation because here the two bodies fuse through the physical contact which carries a very high potential to generate new form of energy which we call’ Birth’ (Praan).

Therefore, due to this extremely high sensation this xercise takes control over the mind of the adolescents & youths, and results in the adverse affects like lack of will power, slow decision making process, etc. Ultimately their mental level gets into the deadlock state and as a consequence they tend to give up the successes, opportunities and unconsciously embrace the incompetence.

Therefore, one need to understand that this highly sensitive thing needs to be handled with care & clean soul  as improper handling, building wrong notions about S*X and disrupting the purity of its sensation is completely hampering the mental, psychological and social state of an individual internally, and also leading to the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and sexual harassment.

So, now the biggest question arises how this sensation can be controlled so that our mind is not governed by S*X and any other object. Nature has already given the highly sensitive subtle supreme energy to every individual within the soul (Aatma) in the form of ‘praan energy’ which lies in the latent form (inactive state). But how to trigger that inactive praan energy? It will only start animating when we’ll not surrender our control in the hands of any object or virtual desire. There are moments in life when we often get tempted to the lucrative things. This is because at that point of time we lose our control and gets attracted to the aura of that object and eventually that object starts ruling our mind. So, one should stop surrendering himself with this short lived superficial things. And when we usually do the things keeping our virtual desires at the least priority then it will help us in building our aura stronger, and we will not be ever driven by any of these silliest things in our life, thus helping us to activate our praan energy to a smaller extent. Activating praan energy at deeper level implies knowing thyself.

So, I humbly besought you all not to transform this beautiful energy into the negative silly xercise by going in a pensive state. Remember, nature has enough to content the human’s need but not to satisfy their greed. And if we oppose the nature by making this divine sensation into a silly xercise then our powerful birth (praan) will be proved futile and we will become the prey of suffering & distress.

Thus, Silly Xercises SHUTS whereas Soul Xercises SHAVES one’s silly brain.

So, which xercise you would like to practice Silliest one? Or the Soul Eternal One?

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