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International Women’s Day (March 8) – Empowering Women

Celebrating the International Women’s Day- March 8. Themed this year around “Planet 50-50 by 2030”, the United Nations-backed event will be celebrating women’s rights in more than 40 countries.The United Nations first began celebrating the day on 8 March in 1975, and since then International Women’s Day is commemorated globally on March 8 each year. The day has a huge significance as it is celebrated to pay tribute and honour to our nonpareil strength of our society. The day calls an action for gender parity and thus giving focus to women’s status around the globe.. Throughout the history women have made an unparallel contribution to the humankind.  The day aimed to help nations worldwide in eliminating the discrimination against women. It also focuses on helping women gain full & equal representation and participation in global development so that they are never stuck on a sticky floor.

I really acknowledge the imperceptible contribution of women in our society and pay sincere tribute & honour to them.

Happy Women’s Day!!

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