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A child goes to school first, and then finally steps into the college life where he decides to build his professional career. Nowadays, the craze for IITs & IIMs has taken a deep seat in the minds of the people when it comes to ameliorate their career. However, cracking the national level entrance exams is not everyone’s cup of tea. It calls for the sheer efforts & dedication to be the part of such prestigious Institutions.

Today, in this fast moving world we all can witness the heights of the cut throat competition has already reached at its climax. Forget about the competitive exams, we can see the level of competition during the Board Examinations only. The major trend in India is followed by pursuing the higher studies from the reputed Institutions and Universities. The youth has made a fashion to acquire the degrees from the reputed Institutes and Universities for which they work relentlessly to compete the national level entrance exams. As a consequence, many students just because of half mark fails to meet the standards of the desired colleges.

Whatever I have mentioned above is what everyone in the society feels, Not Me…

Friends! Today I am very happy because the agenda that I have always been raising with respect to Indian Education System, fortunately I have got the proof for the same.

Recently, while going through the post of TOI,

I read the headline which states that 2k students have been dropped out from IITs, IIMs in the last 2 years. This will definitely be Shocking for ‘All of You’, but I am happy to see the same as it will going to act as an eye opener for every single Individual & Youth. The post vividly mentioned that the reason for such rising drop outs is the students flunk to perform well during their course or some of them quit because they pursue the PhDs. However, these are not the correct reasons for dropouts and as you will move further I will show you the ambiguity in the same with a very subtle understanding and logic.

Friends! Don’t you find the reasons very humorous?  Yes! I can completely confute this statement as the reasons for such drop outs mentioned in that post are absolutely false. Don’t you wonder that how can a student show poor performance who possess the potential & ability to crack and score the rank at the national level? How can he quit such prestigious Institutes (IITs & IIMs) for which he was desperately preparing to get in? Have we ever given any emphasis to find out the reason in a subtle analytical and creative way? Actually, the core problem lies in the induction process of these prestigious institutes and the wrong perception which youth carries i.e. getting into IIT or IIM or any other reputed institution will make them successful in their life. Neither counseling unit nor any expert mentor can help the students to improve their performance to combat such drop outs. So, it is of prime importance that the reason behind this rising problem must be understood at the core level.

Right from the childhood we are often told that ‘Education is a powerful tool. It unveils the doors of successes’. Moreover, we find people confidently accosting themselves as a Doctor, Engineer and Manager just because of their credentials. It is that degree which exalts them not their inner consciences. Look, I don’t say that taking the degree is wrong or the colleges are spurious, but considering degree as everything and not recognizing your own passion & innate abilities will make your life hell thus making your soul completely unsatisfied.

Nature has given everything to us in the state of harmony. The birth of every individual has a reason behind it. Right from the beginning a child remains very curious to know about the things as his mind remains at developing state. He loves to explore the new areas and gradually starts getting inclined to things that compliments his personality. Nature always tends to put him in the state of peace, but as he grows, he starts developing a perception received from the society and the strong influence of the society shuts his sub-conscious, thus pushing him to do the things against his true personality. And if you do something that doesn’t compliments your personality then you are bound to bring the destruction in your life. How can you accept something for your whole life that you doesn’t love to do. Things can be done for the short span of time but you cannot experience the core beauty and joy in the longer run. The day will definitely come when you will be completely pissed off and find yourself caught in the mesh created by your own self, and finally taking a call to quit the same as your personality is not synchronized with it.

Often, while recalling the biographies of all the noble personalities we strongly believe that since their childhood they must have always done the things differently which could either be due to their strong educational background or by a strong support and what not.

But the reality is very different; just have a glance in their lives. They haven’t done anything miraculous or different. Rather since their childhood they have been so fortunate to become aware of their own passion and had the GUT to follow the same. And when a common man starts complimenting his personality, his innate abilities will outshine and finally he is termed as ‘Einstein, Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or any Great Entrepreneur’.

The reason is, they could easily figure out their area of interest at their adolescent stage only about which they gain intense passion and finally started experiencing it to such an extent which we cannot even think off.  Thus, their work compliments their personality, whereas we are pushed to adopt that hazy stringent educational environment which is full of toxic gases. Apparently, one cannot sustain longer in such hectic environment.

What I actually mean is – everybody has his/her own personality & passion. So, one must realize his passion. One may be good at managing the things but you may not. But you know better who you are and which career can compliment your personality at the best. Why do you follow others? It will simply make you blind and will dissipate the moral values within you.

An individual only after experiencing will himself come to know about the work complimenting his personality. Thus, from that moment one can really start contributing his maximum in that respective interest field will definitely excel and achieve the heights of success.

So, I urge each and every single youth; stop doing the things in lieu of the society or the money. Stop playing with this priceless gift of nature which you call ‘life’. The beauty lies in your personality. Such impromptu decisions will only bring disasters and will suppress your passion thus making you the biggest loser.

Have Introspection & follow your passion!

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