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Digital Marketing is like Sex

Only Losers will have to pay for it !

Well! None of us can deny the fact that today, in the epoch of the competitive world; Digital Marketing has become an integral part of every business & individual, and is considered to be one of the most vital components in inflating your overall growth smartly & quickly. It is a rapidly growing effective force in the current marketing era.

But do you know that –Digital Marketing is just like involving into any kind of delightful sensational activity? So, are you ready to do it? Surprisingly, Digital Marketing has many similarities just like s*x.
Yes! You heard it right. I am actually not kidding either! Once you’ll go along with the flow, you all will be able to relate that it is merely just like doing a passionate s*x.

Many of you might get bewildered and mute while coming across this thought; why digital marketing is analogous to s*x or more like indulging into any kind of relationship.

Let’s talk about social media. Just like s*x, social media today has become the life and blood of every individual. It has become a trend to do five to ten posts on the Facebook wall in a day followed by tweets, sharing updates in the LinkedIn, Google+ and many more forms. This shows the high sensation of social media as it has stamped deeply creating a pro-found impact in the minds of the people. They frequently and consistently love to hangout in the social networking sites and think to share the every single moment they had spent during the day. Appositely, the same can be said for s*x as its high degree of sensation keeps on pulling most of the people to think of the relishing pleasure in their idle hours.

It is simply that you must find yourself fully absorbed in the meaningful conversation with your audience, clients/customers/followers. If you do it so then those fizzy hearts will trigger. Oh, and if you get it right on the first date, then you might be lucky enough for a second… and a third. Digital marketing carries the high sensation just like s*x. It has the power to peep into the minds of the people; so taking right decisions, right calls for the customers plays a very vital role and can give you the Wow! Experience. Just like s*x everyone wants to do it practically, likewise experiencing digital marketing practically will give you a pathway for establishing & maintaining healthy relationship & communication with your target audience. Last but not the least, the thing that matters a lot is ‘satisfaction’ level in both the cases.

S*x carries the highest energy level on this planet earth, and that can be validated from the fact that it has the power to give birth to a new life. Likewise, digital marketing is so powerful that you can take the total control of the mind of your audience, filter them on the basis of their region, age, gender, interest, behavior and many more psychological factors.

Still not done! As per your specific need & requirement (KYC norms) you can explore areas of Digital Marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, video viral marketing, etc; as the way you could have probably experience the best zone to scrounge while doing s*x.

So, are you doing it in a right way?

Everyone wants to fit in and they doesn’t like when people do it alone.

Let me explain you with one more reason that why digital marketing is analogous to s*x. Well! S*x hits a spark of sensation, and we forget everything by landing up in the world of fantasies and go wild. Similarly, today digital sensation has started stimulating the people thus attracting the people in its aura. Alike sex, it carriers such a high charge that compels every single particle to get attracted to its robust magnetic field; this is the reason why the generation is scurrying frantically to consume Digital Marketing. Everyone gets excited and pretends to be good at it, but remember not all of you are good at its proper execution.

S*xual activity lets you connect deep into the heart and soul of your partner; correspondingly digital marketing let’s you lock the bond with the customers of your choice. Further, it gives you a chance to come over to the right track effectively & instantly if you happen to slip and are unable to fit; whereas explicitly it is not possible in the case of offline marketing.  Finally, if you flunk to understand the core importance of the Digital Marketing today, then you might even become the victim of impotency in the near offing.

Fear of s*x or Fear of digital marketing?

Which one do you have?

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