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It has been over two weeks when ₹500 and₹1000 notes were declared as illegal tender by our PM Narendra Modi Ji. This bold revolution to fight the menace of black money and flow of fake currency in India made everyone berserk.  The nights got sleepless for the black money hoarders as the banks were closed the next day 9th November on account of this announcement. Things got unorganized, market dynamics changed and the commotion burst in the country. Many people lost their lives while some got hospitalized after becoming aware of the demonetization. News channels telecasted how people stripped as they couldn’t stand for the long hours outside the banks and ATMs to gutter the black money.

The effect of the demonetization scheme could be seen in the initial days of 36th International Trade fair 2016 which kick started with great fanfare on November 14, at the centrally located Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The fair was a flop show as it didn’t attracted the heavy traffic. People were unable to execute the transaction due to the lack of the availability of cash. However, the situation was ruled out and indicated the positive signs of demonetization which brought a sea of change in the way the transactions are done in India.

With this move, the provision for digital payments was started. There was an increase in more credit/debit card transactions, mobile payments and online banking etc.

Being a Digital Visionary and on having an years of experience of digitizing the ventures at massive Level, I along with my team took an initiative to push the vision of Digital India further. We strengthened this strong move of Modi Ji and made people aware about the core insight of Digitization. Not only this, we mobilized hundreds of people, especially the illiterates, people hailing from rural background, senior citizens and gave them the practical sessions. They all enthusiastically participated in mass and positive response came from their side. We explained them how well they can operate the mobile application through their smart phones.  Just by sitting at home or at any corner, they can easily shift to the digital payments to pay their bills, make purchase and can even transfer the sum of 3 Rs/- within seconds.

During this period, we whole heartedly interacted with them to break their myths and perception which they carried about demonetization. Consequently, lakhs of people visited the fair. To their surprise, they acknowledged this newly introduced system and eventually they stepped in using this concept and look forward to contribute significantly towards the fulfillment of Digital India Vision.

I personally feel that Modi Ji’s bold and decisive move has the potential to create mass change in one stroke. Even in the coming days we still look forward to launch such more applications, to conduct the programmes which will surely going to contribute in the fulfillment of the dream vision of making India- The ‘Digital India’.



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