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Sister is like a Candle and Brother is its manifestation – Raksha Bandhan Special.

Today, all our countrymen are celebrating one of the deepest and sacred festivals of Raksha Bandhan i.e. – The eternal bond of love between a brother and a sister.

History has evidences that feminine has always proved to be a robust power in exalting a man. She possesses the innate power to beautify all the relationships that exists in our society. Continue Reading

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Today, in this era everyone is scurrying frantically to taste the nectar of success. Just like an epidemic flu, it has injected deep into the minds of people. Many of us would contemplate success after dumping uncountable wealth in the Swiss bank while some defines it to be a business tycoon, whereas some eye success after embedding their names in the books of literature. People with such mindset are found in every nook and corner and are striving hard to get the umbrella of success by hook or crook. Just to fully enjoy the ecstasy of success, the youth is gambling with each & every opportunity that is knocking his way. The real time instances are happening day by day where youth has been constantly switching their field in order to get successful. So, we can say that it is more like a lust which everyone dreams and feels that it will give enjoyment 24*7. Continue Reading

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Can you ever try to satiate yourself with an unpalatable fancy Ice Cream? It might sound something weird that how a fancy ice cream can be ‘Tasteless’?

It’s not that easy to resist temptation. Yes! The temptation of having an ice cream might allure you to its core prior having it, but at the same time you feel like being screwed if it doesn’t give you a gratification. The same case is happening with the today’s youth. To be more precise, then I would say that the current state of engineering curriculum is identical to a ‘tasteless fancy ice cream’. You all must be perplexed that why the comparison of a ‘Tasteless fancy ice cream’ has been drawn with the mostly sought programme so called ‘Engineering’.                             Continue Reading

Lifestyle, Supporting the Cause

Walkathon From Jail Road, New Delhi till Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

Under the banner of ISOLS Group Pvt Ltd, we took an initiative of organizing walkathon with an objective to improve the lifestyle of the working professionals who remain desk bound for the major part of the day. Moreover, to channelize the youth who seems to deteriorate their health with the consumption of drugs, alcohol, smoking and other toxic elements. Continue Reading