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Can you ever try to satiate yourself with an unpalatable fancy Ice Cream? It might sound something weird that how a fancy ice cream can be ‘Tasteless’?

It’s not that easy to resist temptation. Yes! The temptation of having an ice cream might allure you to its core prior having it, but at the same time you feel like being screwed if it doesn’t give you a gratification. The same case is happening with the today’s youth. To be more precise, then I would say that the current state of engineering curriculum is identical to a ‘tasteless fancy ice cream’. You all must be perplexed that why the comparison of a ‘Tasteless fancy ice cream’ has been drawn with the mostly sought programme so called ‘Engineering’.                             Continue Reading

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A weekend filled with positive thoughts, kind people and happy moments

So I celebrated this weekend in a very special way.

It was a normal working day. I came back home late from my office and asked my driver to leave. It was 11 ‘o clock by then when I got completely occupied again in my work. While working I suddenly had a hankering for Coco- Berry. So, without giving a second thought, I picked up my keys and went to  the immediate vicinity of my place. I enjoyed  ‘coco berry’ at Rajouri Garden and was back to my car. While heading back I saw a ragpicker towards my left who seemed to be barefoot and was busy in displaying his bed on the footpath. Continue Reading