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Every Experience is a Teacher in Itself – Happy Teachers’ Day

It is often said that life tests every person at some juncture to check that how far he is determined to go from within.  Sooner or later, life is bound to give the roller coaster ride of ups and down to every single human being present on this planet. After all, life is all about the experience. And every experience is our teacher; we learn from our past incidents, present circumstances, surroundings, people encountering us every second.

Every single moment, every incident and experience is a great teacher in itself and we are just a ‘learner’. Even a small effort put up by a toddler, struggling to get onto his feet is an experience.

But do you know why most of us are not able to realize the Experiences that we encounter daily?

Human Beings generally have a tendency to choose the hardest way of learning and doing the things. Just due to our ignorance and not being consciously aware, we flunk to observe the teachings and life lesson that comes to us in the most simplified manner at every step.

We are being shaped, not by outer circumstances or by any other individual but from within i.e. our own self-management, by our own self-mastery (how we think & feel) and way of looking at the things. And yet, unless we have experiences to meet that make us seek deeper for understanding, we do not let our self get holistically develop.

To realize this truth to the core, we must give thanks to the experiences and every single nature’s existence for giving us a dimension to expand. Accept everything in life the way it comes. It will be an experience and every experience will be an ‘Enjoyment’.

The Day is to give sincere thanks to all my Dear Teachers, every individual, even the critics; it is to see everyone and everything as somehow a part; as I am taught by all.



As the clock strike at 12, the euphoria of New Year can be seen around on every visage. Every single person is welcoming the special day with loads of hope, great enthusiasm and energy in his life. In fact, it is a custom in our society to relish all happy moments, special days, festive season and other occasions that brings intense joy in our life.

To many, New Year is a time to set new plans, to reach new goals or to take new resolutions or it could be to reach the pinnacle of success. Many people are indulging in retrospection and reevaluating some of their life choices.

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Well, we must believe that New Year is not only meant for celebration and with what ideology most of the people celebrate it just ‘short-lived’. What you say? Just think it over!

Have you ever explored a ‘New You’ in all these years?

Are you ready to experience a ‘New You’?

If we travel to the granularities then we would realize that how vital this New Year can prove to us throughout the life. Every New Year showcases the very fact that one year has been deleted from our lifespan. The development that was persistently taking place in the previous year has now become outdated one with the arrival of New Year. So, if our perspective of New Year is restricted to only celebrations then we are totally fooling ourselves in our own way which proves the verity of the fact that we aren’t willing to do ‘self-improvisation’. Our lack of understanding and limited knowledge is acting as a barrier in exploring ourselves.

We all must look this New Year 2018 with higher perspective, more creativity and must give a new dimension to our life which should be bold enough to accept all our failures, negatives, weaknesses residing inside us. A Year which carries a ray to bring a ‘Self Improvisation’ within us. A true sense of celebrating New Year is when we wholeheartedly pledge to move with an action-oriented approach and really strive to bring a marvellous change within our own self. On contrary, if we continue to move with such short-lived celebrations then we will fall short with one more year.

Well, now’s your chance to sit down and to do a self-introspection, self-realization and to come up with a ‘New You’.  It is a day to expresses joy and to give real happiness to your own self. To do great in life, one has to start walking along with time. People will acknowledge your deeds & success, and gradually you’ll find yourself moving beyond New Years.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2018 & A New Year of your own self.

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