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October 2016

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Diwali Celebration with the Real Heroes with our society

Finally, the whole country celebrated the festival of lights with great zest illuminating thousands of electric lamps, embracing each other offering sweets, exploding crackers in the endless sky.  While the whole country seemed occupied in celebrating the festival with their near and dear ones our ‘Real Heroes’ of the society unlike others were planning to go for the sleep. Hardly very few of us acknowledge the hard work of the rag pickers, cobblers, rickshaw walas, and kids selling toys at traffic signals while others never comes into the picture and remain occupied laboring twenty four hours to earn their bread. Continue Reading

Celebrations, Education, Supporting the Cause

A weekend filled with positive thoughts, kind people and happy moments

So I celebrated this weekend in a very special way.

It was a normal working day. I came back home late from my office and asked my driver to leave. It was 11 ‘o clock by then when I got completely occupied again in my work. While working I suddenly had a hankering for Coco- Berry. So, without giving a second thought, I picked up my keys and went to  the immediate vicinity of my place. I enjoyed  ‘coco berry’ at Rajouri Garden and was back to my car. While heading back I saw a ragpicker towards my left who seemed to be barefoot and was busy in displaying his bed on the footpath. Continue Reading

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India Ranks in Bottom 10 of G20 Digital Entrepreneurship Survey

The present era is the digital era. According to the recent Survey conducted,  India Ranks in Bottom 10 of G20 Digital Entrepreneurship Survey whereas UK happens to be on the top G20 country for starting a digital business easily. Canada’s name came after the U.K. in terms of entrepreneurship in digital business environment. Canada has been also named as the best G20 destination for providing funds access to digital businesses. Continue Reading