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August 2016

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A child goes to school first, and then finally steps into the college life where he decides to build his professional career. Nowadays, the craze for IITs & IIMs has taken a deep seat in the minds of the people when it comes to ameliorate their career. However, cracking the national level entrance exams is not everyone’s cup of tea. It calls for the sheer efforts & dedication to be the part of such prestigious Institutions.

Today, in this fast moving world we all can witness the heights of the cut throat competition has already reached at its climax. Forget about the competitive exams, we can see the level of competition during the Board Examinations only. The major trend in India is followed by pursuing the higher studies from the reputed Institutions and Universities. The youth has made a fashion to acquire the degrees from the reputed Institutes and Universities for which they work relentlessly to compete the national level entrance exams. As a consequence, many students just because of half mark fails to meet the standards of the desired colleges.

Whatever I have mentioned above is what everyone in the society feels, Not Me…

Friends! Today I am very happy because the agenda that I have always been raising with respect to Indian Education System, fortunately I have got the proof for the same.

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Wishing You all- A Loving Occasion of Raksha Bandhan

A man plays various role in his life. But I like the role as a Brother the most. I always see a feeling of being happy & proud in the eyes of sisters when they find their brothers around them. My heart is filled with compassion & gratitude for every girl being there as a sister to anybody. Brothers are blessed when they have a sister. Feelings are the key to the relation more than the blood relationship.
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