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June 2016

We are the result of our own actions.
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We are the Result of our own Actions.

An eye opener!

After Kurukshetra war, Dhritrarashtra asked Krishna, “I had 100 sons. All of them were killed. Why?
Krishna replied, “50 lifetimes ago, you were a hunter. While hunting, you tried to shoot a male bird. It flew away. In anger, you ruthlessly slaughtered the 100 baby birds in the nest. Father-bird had to watch in helpless agony.
Because you caused that father-bird the pain of seeing the death of his 100 sons, you too had to bear the pain of your 100 sons dying. Continue Reading

Digital Marketing is like
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Digital Marketing is like Sex

Only Losers will have to pay for it !

Well! None of us can deny the fact that today, in the epoch of the competitive world; Digital Marketing has become an integral part of every business & individual, and is considered to be one of the most vital components in inflating your overall growth smartly & quickly. It is a rapidly growing effective force in the current marketing era.

But do you know that –Digital Marketing is just like involving into any kind of delightful sensational activity? So, are you ready to do it? Surprisingly, Digital Marketing has many similarities just like s*x.
Yes! You heard it right. I am actually not kidding either! Once you’ll go along with the flow, you all will be able to relate that it is merely just like doing a passionate s*x.

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