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December 2015

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In loving memory of Shri Chander Bhan Chugh (1919 – 3rd December 2015)

This is a tribute to the divine personality who led his life in a vibrant mode by influencing other from his positive aura. A man whose existence will always be cherished……


Right from his youth life his inclination had been to increase the well- being of human kind and connect them on the path of spirituality. He was a very big philanthropist who always tried to connect every single individual on the path of humanity and dignity.  I have been fortunate enough to have a great grand-father like him who nurtured me right from my childhood to follow the doership life. The greatest gift I received from him is the persistent encouragement and wisdom with a vision to auger as a higher soul. At 96 years of his age, he never lost that sense of humor, that spark of life that he has always spread. His karma is the fool proof evidence of his pure soul and surely his soul has been liberated. And the astonishing fact took place on his death day was- Even a dog cried, and giving him tribute. This proves that he possessed such a positive and vibrant aura.

I really pay humble tribute to him from the core of my heart and feel privileged to celebrate his death anniversary.

I welcome you all to celebrate his Death Anniversary so as to cherish his existence on

15 December’2015 at Bhawalpuri Mandir, Ashok Nagar, New Delhi: 110018 from 1PM Onwards