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November 2015

Motivational & Inspirational

From the Diary of Thomas Alva Edison

One day Thomas Edison came home and gave a paper to his mother. He told her, “My teacher gave this paper to me and told me to only give it to my mother.”

His mother’s eyes were tearful as she read the letter out loud to her child: Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers for training him. Please teach him yourself.

After many, many years, after Edison’s mother died and he was now one of the greatest inventors of the century, one day he was looking through old family things. Suddenly he saw a folded paper in the corner of a drawer in a desk. He took it and opened it up. On the paper was written: Your son is addled [mentally ill]. We won’t let him come to school any more.

Edison cried for hours and then he wrote in his diary: “Thomas Alva Edison was an addled child that, by a hero mother, became the genius of the century.”

Motivational & Inspirational

Experiencing the Real Peace with the Heros of my society

Today I along with one of  my team members “Amit Kumar” celebrated this diwali with ‘Rack Pickers’ and ‘Rickshaw Walas’ and gifted them sport shoes. The experience of joy that we had while celebrating diwali with them is completely blissful. Moreover they took a pledge to stop the intake of drugs and promised to promote the campaign of “Say No to Drugs”

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