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November 2015

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From The Diary Of William Shakespeare.


I always feel Happy, Do you know Why?

Because I don’t expect anything from anyone, Expectations always hurt……

Life is short, So love your life, Be Happy…& Keep Smiling.

Just live for Yourself &

Before you Speak, Listen!.

Before you Write, Think!.

Before you spend, Earn!.

Before you Pray, Forgive!.

Before you Hurt, Feel!.

Before you Hate, Love!.

Before you Quit, Try!.

Before you Die, Live!…..

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Knock! Knock! Do you have an excessive and uncontrollable desire for S*X?

I know you’re wiping your face and gaining motion.

If you have really understood what I mean to say then today this hot smoking topic has been discussed for you only because the moment you looked up the caption S*X; a spark of sensation hits you and makes you forget everything and takes you into the world of fantasies. Am I Right?

So, aroused with the enormous excitement to do something spicy?  What’s your plan now? Looking around to have this Silly Xercise done early. Look! There are drops of perspiration on your forehead and your oxytocin has started rushing. You are losing control and becoming restless. Some of you must have already taken the usual places to squeeze hardly and wipe it out.

Wait! Do not run in haste. Your excitement is yet to go at hike once you scroll this article.

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