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Can you ever try to satiate yourself with an unpalatable fancy Ice Cream? It might sound something weird that how a fancy ice cream can be ‘Tasteless’?

It’s not that easy to resist temptation. Yes! The temptation of having an ice cream might allure you to its core prior having it, but at the same time you feel like being screwed if it doesn’t give you a gratification. The same case is happening with the today’s youth. To be more precise, then I would say that the current state of engineering curriculum is identical to a ‘tasteless fancy ice cream’. You all must be perplexed that why the comparison of a ‘Tasteless fancy ice cream’ has been drawn with the mostly sought programme so called ‘Engineering’.                             Continue Reading

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Amidst, in this fast moving world everyone is in a hurry. The ongoing inventions are unveiling lucrative opportunities where every single person is striving hard to grab it and to take a badge of ‘success’. Right from dawn when you get up from the bed, the work chart starts bloating in the mind and during the onset of the night you start calculating how much effort you made. Eventually, in this race of competition everyone is trying hard to make a good fortune. Today, the only single thing that constantly strikes in one’s mind is to be a ‘SUCCESSFUL’ person.    Continue Reading

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Calling yourself as an Entrepreneur is becoming more a Trend…!

Today, we have become a bosom friend with the term ‘Entrepreneur’. Forget about the intellectually sound grownups, even the callow adolescents could end up accosting themselves as an ‘Entrepreneur’.  It has much become like a fancy dress competition of small kids where a person is freely allowed to get into just to become the center of attraction of the hordes. This is the reason, why everyone today is striving hard to fit themselves under the attire of so called ‘Entrepreneurship’.  Continue Reading

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23rd March- Shaheed Diwas

Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru were the influential revolutionaries who gave the supreme sacrifices of their young lives to make their motherland free from the hegemony of the Britishers. The three legendaries of India breathed their last as ‘martyrs’ and were finally hanged on 23rd March 1931 at Lahore in the ‘Lahore conspiracy case’ . So, on this day each one of us must acknowledge and salute their great sacrifices.

Let Us Be An Indian First..!!”