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Today, in this era everyone is scurrying frantically to taste the nectar of success. Just like an epidemic flu, it has injected deep into the minds of people. Many of us would contemplate success after dumping uncountable wealth in the Swiss bank while some defines it to be a business tycoon, whereas some eye success after embedding their names in the books of literature. People with such mindset are found in every nook and corner and are striving hard to get the umbrella of success by hook or crook. Just to fully enjoy the ecstasy of success, the youth is gambling with each & every opportunity that is knocking his way. The real time instances are happening day by day where youth has been constantly switching their field in order to get successful. So, we can say that it is more like a lust which everyone dreams and feels that it will give enjoyment 24*7. Continue Reading

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Calling yourself as an Entrepreneur is becoming more a Trend…!

Today, we have become a bosom friend with the term ‘Entrepreneur’. Forget about the intellectually sound grownups, even the callow adolescents could end up accosting themselves as an ‘Entrepreneur’.  It has much become like a fancy dress competition of small kids where a person is freely allowed to get into just to become the center of attraction of the hordes. This is the reason, why everyone today is striving hard to fit themselves under the attire of so called ‘Entrepreneurship’.  Continue Reading

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23rd March- Shaheed Diwas

Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru were the influential revolutionaries who gave the supreme sacrifices of their young lives to make their motherland free from the hegemony of the Britishers. The three legendaries of India breathed their last as ‘martyrs’ and were finally hanged on 23rd March 1931 at Lahore in the ‘Lahore conspiracy case’ . So, on this day each one of us must acknowledge and salute their great sacrifices.

Let Us Be An Indian First..!!”